Pad, Scouring, Scotch-Brite, 3M, Green

Product Number: 3MSB3412PADBOX

Available in: BOX

Pad, Scouring, Holder,"DoodleBug"

Product Number: 40127303EACH

Available in: EACH

Pad, Scouring, Utility Pad, Blue, 4 1/2x10 4

Product Number: 59382CASE

Available in: CASE

Pad, Scouring, 6 X 9 Maroon, General Duty

Product Number: 707PADBNDL

Available in: BUNDLE

Pad, Scouring, 6X9, Maroon, 3M Hand

Product Number: 7447BCASE

Available in: CASE

Pad, Scrub, 6x9, white, light duty, 60 per case

Product Number: A309801CASE

Available in: CASE

Pad, Stnlss Metal Sponge,Kurly Kate Large , 4 x 1-1/2, Steel

Product Number: L150713CASE

Available in: CASE

Pad, Doodlebug kit, includes 1 Doodlebug holder & (5) 8541

Product Number: MMM7EACH

Available in: EACH

Pad, Utility/Clning Pad Holder Kit

Product Number: N59411KIT

Available in: EACH

Pad, 4.63X10, White, Cleaning 20 pads/Case

Product Number: N59413CASE

Available in: CASE

Pad, Utility/Cleaning Pad Holder

Product Number: N59431EACH

Available in: EACH

Pad,6X9X.25,6 boxes of 10=1 CS (60 pads), 10 pads = 1 box

Product Number: N616BOX

Available in: BOX

Pad,6X9X.375,Cleaning,Med Grade Green, #96/#668, 10/bx,

Product Number: N668BOX

Available in: BOX

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