Glue Stick, 7/16x15", 2124

Product #: 2124LB

Volume: 0.131
Weight: 1


Bostik Thermogrip 2124 Hot Melt Adhesive 7-16in X 10in Sticks

Thermogrip 2124 is a flexible hot melt adhesive, long set time, designed for high performance bonding of difficult substrates or substrate combinations.

7/16 x 10" sticks.
Typical Use: Bonds well to glass, plastics, ceramics, and displays, porous and non-porous surfaces.

Service Temperature: -20F to 154F
Cure Time: 24 hrs
Specific Gravity: 0.96
Tensile Strength: 450

Price: $15.22

Price: $15.22