The Art of the Downgauge

Elasticene™ is a revolutionary plastic that is remarkably strong even at lighter gauges. Elasticene™ has numerous uses in many industries including packaging, film, bags, liners and more.

Elasticene™ is extremely cost-efficient, offering the same security and durability as thicker products, but with up to half the polyethylene and at a lower cost. This also results in a more sustainable solution.
The use of lighter gauge materials results in increased yield, which allows for more bags and/or film in cases or rolls without increased packaged weight.

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Michelle Fintak

Kitting/Light Assembly Supervisor

I started working for Lakeland Supply in December of 2019 for the Kitting Department. In 2020 I transitioned from part time to fulltime and was 1 of 3 kitters who continued to work through the Covid pandemic shut down. Earlier on in 2021 I was given the opportunity to apply for the Kitting Lead position and was successfully promoted. Since then Kitting has grown from a 5 person crew to 11 person crew! Working for Lakeland Supply, I have been able to utilize my previous management experience to contribute to this company and am loving every moment. I am passionate about helping others develop new skill sets and watching this team grow as a whole and individually with each employee. In turn I have gained knowledge in areas I have not had experience with previously such as familiarizing myself with an inventory system, RF gun, working with an amazing Sales and Distribution team, and obtaining certification with REACH truck.

Michelle Fintak

In my spare time, I love to be outdoors in nature. I truly enjoy taking a step back and observe the beautiful land that was given to us. I am passionate about creativity and pour my heart into painting, drawing, poetry, dancing, and photography. I never pass up an opportunity to create something from the heart! Lastly, also have 2 sisters, Rachel (older) and Samantha (younger) that I love to spend time with and canʼt see myself without.

Something somewhat unique about myself is my nickname, Meesh, and that I am a die-hard coffee lover morning day and night! Whichever way just not decaffeinated please!

Randy Schwartz

Sales Consultant

Hello!! My Name is Randy Schwartz and have been with Lakeland Supply going on 27 years. I have been in sales all 27 years and the time has flown by. I have met so many great people here at Lakeland and my customers become friends. It is enjoyable to be able to help them problem solve or make their day a little easier. Yet, I donʼt feel like I have worked a day in my life. Please do not share this information with Vince, the President of Lakeland. LOL

I have 2 awesome boys, Tyler (13) and Ben (15) and I love being a dad. Some days more than others! LOL Yes, kids are a challenge but they are the best challenge I have ever had! My evenings and weekends are typically spent coaching one of their sports or just watching them compete and being their biggest fan. Tyler plays Baseball and Volleyball and Ben plays Baseball, football and plans to try out for Kettle Moraine High School Basketball after being out of it for a while. Wish him luck!

When we are not doing baseball, volleyball or football……we enjoy camping, snowmobiling, fishing or bowhunting together. All building great memories!! The boys each got their first buck last year and also passed their snowmobile safety course so they can ride on the public trails. It was a rough winter around here for snowmobiling so the boys are definitely hopeful we see more snow next winter. Yes, I am one of those few that enjoys the snow!

So I love working at Lakeland and I love making friends with my customers…..what many donʼt know is I am embarrassingly bad at remembering names on a first time meeting. I am not sure how I made it this long in my profession being so pathetic at name recall. I can tell you the part number of almost anything in the Lakeland warehouse or the number on my spark plugs in my snowmobile but somebody introduces themselves to me and I canʼt remember “Bob”??!! Really??

Randy Schwartz and family

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Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 33:12

Happy 4th of July!

In honor of the 4th of July, Lakeland Supply will be closed Monday, July 4th.

Closed 4th of July

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